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This article was published in the Concrete Producer Online

In 1963, with a smile on his face and a strong work ethic, Howard Hiskett founded Hiskett & Sons. With the help of his son, Thurman and eventually his grandsons, Steve and Sean, Hiskett & Sons has evolved from the 30 year old “hand lever” physical concrete batching into twenty-first century concrete production.

plantFor the last forty-six years, Hiskett & Sons have kept an eye on the future and the opportunities that came with it. Hiskett & Sons took every opportunity to upgrade and update their facilities and equipment. With a Naval Air Base in the neighborhood, they knew it was only a matter of time and they would be in a position to contend for the larger projects that eluded them. With the addition of a new R&S Industries concrete batch plant the last piece of the puzzle was in place and in 2009, Hiskett & Sons met their goal when they poured a new runway for the Naval Air Base. With every goal met, they
continue to anticipate the challenges that wait just around each corner. Steve also considers the friendly relationship that continues to endure with the competition across town as a key to their success through the years.

Hiskett & Sons maintains between fifteen to twenty-five employees, and makes every effort to maintain their reputation of honesty and loyalty throughout the small community of Fallon, Nevada. Steve says that Thurm’s reputation and good business sense are what enables the company to thrive. Hiskett& Sons are happy to take an active interest in the area youth as evidenced by the local high school mascot “The Green Wave”, meaning a wave, or wind blowing through the alfalfa fields, on the side of their new R&S cement silo.

The purchase of a new concrete plant, as well as updating the rest of their operation was a hard but necessary step, admits Steve, but competition within the industry has become much tighter, and economic conditions have affected everyone, as people began to go out of town to get concrete that was cheaper and easier to produce from the big, modern outfits. Hiskett & Sons decided to update with a new concrete plant featuring weighed water, and a Command Alcon/Command Batch computer control system. Hiskett & Sons chose a plant from R&S Industries after careful consideration. Steve
emphasized the importance of utilizing all the little things that will save on expenses and make a huge difference in time such as using gravity to convey the cement and fly ash rather than using cement screws that take additional maintenance and energy costs. Steve and his brother Sean will have no problem using the savings to expand or update their facilities.

With a new location they started fresh with all new equipment, including an on demand hot water system. Since the company also sells sand and gravel, they were able to clear the entire site themselves, as well as completing their own site work, pouring their own foundation, setting the anchor bolts, and erecting the new plant. As well as constructing a new batch office/shop on site. Once the erection was complete and the computer system up, an R&S serviceman visited the new site to ensure quality and function during the start of operation, and the new Hiskett & Sons was launched.

Even though new equipment has breathed new life and attitude into Hiskett & Sons, as well as opening new doors for jobs in the area, Steve maintains that they remain the same loyal and honest people that they have always been. R&S sent a Texas flag to accompany the plant’s factory installed flag pole, which Steve said they proudly displayed until they gifted it to his next door neighbor and good friend, a former Texas resident, who expressed her interest in their Texas-Nevada pride.

Steve says that just like anything else, the future is still unclear and business remains fairly slow. Between the Local loyal customers and the Navy Base there should be enough work to survive until the economy gets back to normal. Ben Gonzales, a Pave-tech Inc. Superintendent/Project Manager put Hiskett & Sons on the map, according to Steve, with their first run-way job, and feels that Ben’s faith in the small company has helped launch them into their new success. With modern technology, the market of jobs available has increased dramatically, and Steve maintains that the transition was definitely worthwhile, and that Hiskett & Sons is 100% satisfied with R&S equipment and service and should further expansion become necessary they will be on the phone.